[email protected] Week: Linux Lines

“I have a hunch that Linux’s opportunity lies somewhere
underneath the desktop. By that I don’t mean down in the dusty
corners of programmers cubicles, where the cockroaches are rooting
for pizza crumbs. Rather, Linux will have a future as an embedded
system on an Internet appliance that supplants much of what we do
on bulky desktop systems.”

“As Linux spreads on small devices, it also will appear on more
and more high-end systems as Linux vendors get the hang of building
clusters. A powerful new synergy will emerge for developers to
create once and run their software anywhere – based on an
assumption that one operating system is suitable for three or more
levels of computing.”

“Windows could go the way of the mainframe. That is, it
could lose its footing on the new computing devices that spring up,
but still be around for another 25 years…”

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