[email protected] Week: Top 25 Unsung Heroes of the Net [Eric Raymond]

“They took on the thankless tasks no one was willing to tackle.
… From the pioneers of packet switching to the impromptu
conversion of the Web into a global toolbox, meet 25 unsung heroes
of the Net in 2000.”

Eric Raymond
Author/Philosopher; President Open Source Initiative

“If Linus Torvalds is the anointed leader of the open source
software movement, then Eric Raymond is its foremost

“The author of the influential essay The Cathedral & The
Bazaar, Raymond preaches the glory of an Internet-enabled hacker
culture that is changing the way people develop software.”

“Raymond serves as president of the Open Source
Initiative.Writer, musician, martial arts expert and sci-fi
aficionado, author of The New Hacker’s Dictionary and co-founder of
a free ISP in Chester County, PA, Raymond wows crowds at software
confabs and consults with big companies like Merrill Lynch.”


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