Internet Product Watch: Netscape 6: Based On The Open Source Gecko Engine

“The preview release of Netscape’s long awaited new browser is
available as a free download today from the Netscape site. The
preview release is immediately available in Windows, Mac, and Linux

“Based on the open-source “Gecko” browser engine, the new
browser boasts improved performance in a lighter (5.5mb – half the
size of Navigator 4.8) download. Additionally, the new browser also
claims full standards compliance with multiple Internet protocols,
including XML, HTML 4, CSS1, and W3C DOM Level 0 and 1.”

“Among the new features are a new “sidebar” browser companion
tool, providing users with a custom place to store common features
and functions. Once stored, items appearing in the sidebar, which
can include news or stock information, are updated automatically as
long as the user remains online. Individual sites provide custom
“tabs” for the sidebar; with companies such as CNN, eBay and
NYTIMES.COM providing pre-configured tab selections. Individual
sites can also add their own tabs for linking in the sidebar.”

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