Internet Week: Boundless, Acute Detail Thin-Client Plans

“Boundless Technologies said plans later this year to introduce
a line of thin-client hardware, the iBROW, designed to restore part
of the original vision of thin clients as general-purpose devices
that would usurp PCs, at least for some applications.”

“Boundless’ iBROW will run Linux and is designed to boot up in
30 to 45 seconds and automatically configure itself from a

“Version 3 of the product, due later next year, will have an
integrated ADSL or cable modem, flat-panel display, wireless
keyboard and mouse.”

“Boundless expects the primary iBROW users will be small
businesses, remote offices, and home offices. It will be sold by
ASPs and ISPs. The system will have the Citrix Systems client
loaded to access applications running on Windows NT.”

“The company says it sees the emerging use of ASPs as
potentially generating new demand for thin clients. ASPs are a
hybrid of service provider and outsourcer, running farms of servers
for database, ERP, backoffice applications, e-mail, and other
enterprise software, and letting organizations connect clients to
those systems and store data on them.”