Internet Week: Just Try Suing Microsoft

“This concerns Ellis Booker’s editorial “Vendor Interests Are
Driving This Leg Of The Linux Movement” (March 8, page 28), in
which he wrote that companies “are more than willing to pay an OS
license for the right to sue somebody if things go wrong.”

“Well, we all know that lots of things go wrong with NT. Take
alone all of the security alerts and the frequent complaints about
NT crashing. When was the last time a company sued Microsoft for
crashing software, late delivery or nonworking functionality? The
answer is that it would be a waste of money.”

“Read the license. There are no guarantees for anything to

“Now, Linux, like Microsoft software, comes without any
guarantees. But if there is an ugly bug lurking in it for which the
developers are not responsive, you are not screwed.”


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