Internet Week: Progress Report: How Six Web Projects Fared [Burlington Coat Factory]

Burlington Coat Factory: PCs running Linux deliver all the
benefits of thin-client hardware and more.

“We still think the [thin client] is a good idea, we’re happy
with Neoware, but [thin clients] as a whole haven’t meant the
potential we thought they would… The biggest thing about Linux is
that it’s robust, reliable, efficient and cost-effective.”

The PCs run only the operating system and a Web browser, with
Java-based applications accessible through the browser. By
stripping down the software in this way, the PC sidesteps the high
maintenance needed by Windows operating systems and

The company also plans to port its Solaris in-store,
line-of-business applications to Linux to let the company have the
same operating system across clients and servers, as well as extend
the life span of about 300 aging Sun Microsystems SPARC