Inverse CEO on building an open source Exchange alternative

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“Use of open source e-mail groupware systems in the
enterprise has been lacklustre with most organisations opting for
products from Microsoft, IBM or cloud providers like Google. The
market is ripe for competition and Canadian company Inverse is set
to provide another option by integrating the OpenChange project’s
Microsoft Outlook compatibility software into the SOGo open source
groupware suite.

“With a complete Exchange server replacement scheduled for
release early next year, we spoke with Inverse president and CEO
Ludovic Marcotte about open source groupware development, native
Microsoft Exchange interoperability and data integration

“Tell us about SOGo’s history. How long has SOGo been in
development, who started it and who are the main contributors?

“The SOGo project was started in 2004 by Skyrix/Linagora as a
fork of OpenGroupware.org (OGo). The initial goal of the project
was to support more than 60,000 users so parts were changed and
others dropped to handle such a large user base. At Inverse, we got
interested in the project because of our numerous large-scale email
deployments we started doing in 2003. Our clients were looking for

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