Is Cloud Foundry something we need?

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for this link. ]

“But let’s not kid ourselves here. VMware’s offering to the
community, while interesting and useful, is still just another
attempt to circumvent developer and vendor interest in Red Hat’s
cloud offerings. The competition between VMWare and Red Hat has
become a fierce rivalry in this tech sector. Industry watchers know
this, and every once in a while someone at either company slips
their smiles about cooperation and lets their true feelings

“Part of the heat from this rivalry comes from VMware’s
resentment at Red Hat’s playing in their sandbox. I’m reasonably
sure VMware would have preferred that virtual datacenters and VDI
would have stayed useful in the enterprise longer, rather than the
cloud leapfrogging such technologies and making them almost
obsolete. And then to have an operating system company roll in and
provide an end-to-end cloud stack? Unthinkable.”

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