IT-Analysis: Linux at the Gates of Redmond

“The trend to Linux has built up momentum at a remarkable
speed. The only comparable trend that I can think of was the rapid
take-up of Windows in the early 1990s.
In the space of a year,
Linux has moved from being a fringe technology to the fastest
growing server platform, and it looks as though it may also become
a force on the desktop.”

“In terms of usage, over 50 percent of ISPs in the world run
Linux, although until recently some have been cagey about admitting
it, thinking that it might reflect badly. However there are now a
large number of organisations that boast of being Linux users
including Boeing, Sony, Mercedes Benz, Southwestern Bell, NASA, the
FBI, Cisco Systems and even some banks. In September 1998, Gartner
Group reported that 14% of all corporations were using Linux.”

“When surveyed, customers rank Linux ahead of Microsoft Windows
NT for interoperability, robustness, availability and value for
money. Linux also scores very highly for support, although this
should not be surprising. In reality there are more developers
supporting it than any other operating system – a direct
consequence of it being open source.”

“The success of Linux should not surprise us, but it does
because it has happened without any marketing investment from
anyone. … It won 17 percent of the server market last year
according to IDC and it may well become the dominant server
platform this year. It may also begin to make a significant impact
on the desktop. Microsoft must be very worried.”