IT-Analysis: Source Forge from VA Linux

“Undeterred by its new status as a stock market high flier, VA
Linux is aiming to boost the open source movement with Source
Forge. It’s a free Internet program repository and portal for open
source developers. The aim is to provide a group development
environment that will work for scattered open source

“There’s an appealing logic to this move. Team support has long
been a differentiator among software development tools. Corporate
developers almost invariably work in teams, and select environments
that support team processes. The open source movement has relied on
teamwork, but the teams have been dispersed around the

Source Forge supports code management, but it also hosts
discussions and bug and task-tracking databases. The web site
features tools for project administrators, with control over the
developer membership for the project.
The administrator
manages the roles played by individual developers. Roles may
include the posting of code to the common database, the initiation
of bug reports or the moderation of discussion groups.”