IT-Director.com: Curtains for Windows or Linux

“Everyday, Linux appears in the news, whether it be a new deal
with a Telco or lots of money to be invested by a major corporate
player such as IBM. Whatever the story, it appears that the market
place has become happy to adopt Linux as the enterprise server
solution and nothing else.”

“The desktop is supposed to disappear and everyone is to ride a
thin client, with a Linux box at the hub of it all. Is this really
true though. Surely there will always be a desktop

Microsoft seem to have this market sown up, even though
obtaining fixes for the products takes months rather than hours in
comparison to Linux development with Opensource. To this end,
general interest for desktop development of Linux has been limited,
it seems that everyone has resigned to defeat, against the
establish MS products. So its curtains for Linux.

“Just one minute!!, you might yell. What about the desktop
products and developments that are now taking place with various
Linux providers and the enormous Opensource facilities. What about
the recent developments, that have started to revolutionise the way
in which the desktop might evolve. It appears that what the
internet did for networks and servers, the same may apply for Linux
and the desktop.”


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