IT-Director: Embed with Linux

“How Linux first found its way onto the microprocessor platform
is subject to speculation. The fact is that there has been a
scramble in the developer community to demonstrate the capabilities
of Linux on all conceivable platforms, and Microcontroller-based
devices are no exception. Over the past couple of years, however,
Linux has gained both ground and popularity with companies whose
products make use of embedded hardware and software.

The reasons are fourfold. …it works. …Linux is available off
the shelf and is freely configurable without the need for special
dispensations, licenses or vendor partnerships. …it is free.
…TCP/IP networking support is seen as a huge plus…”

“In the special-purpose appliance market, however,
there would appear to be every reason for embedded Linux to be
successful. Appliances specific to storage, Web access and email
forwarding, look set to take a considerable bite of the server
market overall. Embedded Linux devices look set to take a
sizeable share of this market, particularly given the major players
such as Motorola and Intel backing its use.”