IT-Director: Thor poses Open Source threat to Windows 2000

“Timpanogas Research Group (TRG) announced yesterday its plans
for an open source, NDS-compliant directory for Windows NT, Windows
2000 and Linux. … Despite a ‘professional’ relationship with
Novell, TRG have a reputation of developing products which can be
used to migrate away from Novell. It would seem that, this time,
the company is turning its sights towards Microsoft.

Clearly the move to implement NDS-compliant, open
source directory software is a blow to Microsoft. The first
versions of Windows 2000 will not contain a fully functional
version of the much-touted (and awaited) Active Directory
which, despite being announced over two years ago,
will still miss the initial Windows 2000 release deadline.
Administrators wanting to make full use of the directory
functionality will have to wait for the Janus upgrade to the
operating system, unless they are prepared to consider the
increasingly attractive option of adopting (or continuing with) an
NDS-based solution. Making such a solution available for free, but
with the possibility of professional support, may tip the hands of
more than a few corporates.”