IT.MyCareer.com: No one is indispensable, not even Bill Gates

“Tell me the old firm’s staff are wonderful and I
smile. Congratulate me on their patience, service and skills, and I
purr. Watch them make money, and a warm glow suffuses the whole
world. But demonstrate that one is indispensable, and the response
is automatic and immediate. We plan to go without them.

…On Bootery computer No.13, however, there is an ultimate
weapon against Billionaire Bill. Quietly, The Bootery’s Tech Person
a family member whose indispensability is also a worry has
installed software that can replace Microsoft. Computer 13 is
loaded with free software downloaded from the Internet.

Its operating system is Linux, it has no-name applications
software that is already handling links to the Internet, and it is
running tests of The Bootery’s own purpose-written Point of Sale
and Inventory software.

Every month or so, a cheer goes up when the Tech Person reports
another successful trial with a Linux-based program. There is
rejoicing when speed tests of software demonstrate that Linux
handles number crunching faster on an old Pentium 1 than MS Kremlin
does on a new Pentium 24.”


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