Java 7 and 8 Begin to Take Shape: What’s In, What’s Out?

“The next two major versions of Java are beginning to take
shape. Oracle has submitted the release content for both Java SE 7
and 8 to the Java Community Process (JCP) for approval before the
end of the month.

“JSR (Java Specification Request) 336 details the components and
features that will become JDK 7, while JSR 337 details JDK 8. The
final Java 7 release is being targeted for mid-2011, while Java 8’s
release is set for 2012.

“”These JSRs have been a long time coming,” Mark Reinhold, Chief
Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, blogged. “They’re
now nally on the JCP Executive Committee ballot for approval;
results should be available in two weeks.”

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