Java Needs an Overhaul

“I like Jonathan Schwartz a lot, but I think that unless some
drastic changes are made to Java, the move to JAVA as Sun’s ticker
symbol is going to be as relevant as changing it to COBOL. I’m
using Java less and less as time goes by, not more–the heyday of
the language and platform has come and gone, and IMHO, it’s going
to continue to fade from relevance with increasing speed.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t use Java every day still. There’s
tons of servers out there with services I rely on whose back end is
running on a Java server of some sort. And my phone has at least a
dozen must-have apps and games that are all written in J2ME (Google
Maps, Instango Jabber client, MidpSSH, MobiTV, Opera Mini, Tetris,
Lumines, various GameJump games, and more). Lately Diego and I have
been playing Scrabulous, which is actually a Java Applet–first one
I’ve used in a long time…”


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