Java.net: Through the Looking Glass

“Having heard a few rumors about Project Looking Glass, I was
still unprepared for the difference of this desktop: a translucent
3D space that looked like it had come out of a virtual reality
‘playback’ experience from Strange Days (Ralph Fiennes,
Angela Bassett, Tom Sizemore, 1995), an amazing sci-fi thriller
that both predates and smokes The Matrix. Looking Glass
has been scoffed at as ‘eye candy’ by technologists, pundits, and
users who don’t value the emotion of user interface design or the
power of word of mouth among the gamer demographic in creating hit
software. Looking Glass is dependent upon processor speed and
graphics card and system advancements, as well as on the coming of
Java 3D. What follows is my interview with Hideya Kawahara, creator
of Project Looking Glass…”