JetBrains turns IntelliJ IDEA up to 11

“JetBrains, developers of the IntelliJ IDEA polyglot IDE, have
announced the release of version 11 of IDEA with enhanced
performance, improved version control support, an updated UI, and
platform improvements on Mac OS X and Linux. Since October 2009,
when the open source version was announced, IntelliJ IDEA has been
available in two editions: an open source community edition for
Java, Groovy and Scala development, and a commercially supported,
more fully featured “Ultimate” edition with support from frameworks
like Java EE and Spring, and tools to assist deployment and

“Both versions benefit from many of the enhancements, such as a
new editor architecture to reduce IDE-lag and faster indexing. A
single event log window now brings together all of the IDE’s
notifications. VCS support has also been improved with a digest
view, git log graphs and support for sharing code through github
with built-in gist creation. A new JAR files diff allows the
classes and files inside the archives to be compared.”

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