JustLinux.com: Different UIs for Different Users

[ Thanks to Dan
for this link. ]

“Without a doubt one of the most volatile topics in the industry
today is the User Interface. The topic itself is a minefield
littered with problems. I am not a usability expert, however, I am
an experienced user of several platforms and one thing I have
learned is that it takes all kinds. The problem with UIs is
there are only so many. In a perfect world UIs would scale from
insanely simple to as advanced and system accessible as

“Where UNIX is concerned I prefer a different approach that
might work immediately and Linux is among the operating systems
that follows this line of thinking–why not try to create different
UIs for different users but still offer up the power and
flexibility inherent with UNIX operating systems? Linux is not the
first to try this, however, the Linux community has made incredible
leaps and bounds in a short period of time towards that end.”

“Simple Design, Faster Production. Task-oriented design is the
best solution for the average end user, there is no need for them
to have know about the OS or even a command line if they do not
really need it. This is where web based interfaces and client
server applications come into play. In these instances, the
interface of the host operating system is completely abstracted
from the end user.”