KaOS Linux Celebrates 8th Anniversary with New ISO Release Featuring KDE Gear 21.04

KaOS 2021.04 is here as the first ISO snapshot to switch to Dracut as the default tool for creating the Linux boot image (initramfs), replacing Mkinitcpio, which is no longer supported.

This is a major change and requires a lot of work to be fully integrated, but, for now, the linux-next kernel defaults to Dracut for initramfs creation. Since KaOS focuses on Qt and KDE, the KaOS 2021.04 release ships with the KDE Plasma 5.21.3 desktop environment, which is accompanied by the latest KDE Gear 21.04 and KDE Frameworks 5.81 software suites, all built against the Qt 5.15.2 open-source application framework.