KDE Gear 21.08 Gets First Point Release with Bug Fixes for Dolphin, Elisa, and Spectacle

KDE Gear 21.08.1 is here only three weeks after the release of the KDE Gear 21.08 software suite to fix various bugs and annoyances in the Dolphin, Elisa, Spectacle, Konsole, Skanlite, KAlarm, Kate, Kdenlive, KMail, KolourPaint, KOrganizer, and Okular apps, as well as several core components.

For the Dolphin file manager, the KDE Gear 21.08.1 update fixes a bug that occurred when quitting the app and the embedded terminal panel was open, improves the “Reset Zoom Level” action to work when file previews are disabled, adds the ability to rename items from the Folders panel context menu, and fixes an issue that made Dolphin to open a new window after compressing or extracting files in Ark via the context menu action.