KDE.org: KDE Embedded Components Tutorial

[ Linux Today reader Kurt
writes: ]

“If you have tried the new KDE Konqueror browser, you have no
doubt noticed its ability to “embed” components for viewing certain
files. For instance, if you click on an image file, Konqueror will
embed the kview component to view it. If you click on a postscript
or PDF file, the kghostview component will be embedded — allowing
you to view the file inside of Konqueror!

Most people, however, don’t know how incredibly easy it is to
write an embedded component (or convert an existing application).
This tutorial will show you how to convert an existing KDE
application (the aKtion! video player) into a full-fledged
embeddedable component in only FOUR simple steps!

If you have 30 minutes to spare and the KRASH snapshot, give it
a try.”

You may find the tutorial