KDE Weekly News edition #21

Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 12:39:52 -0500 (EST)
From: Bill Soudan [email protected]
To: Linux Today [email protected]
Subject: KDE Weekly News edition #21

This is the first edition of the “new” KDE Weekly News, as previously published by Navindra Umanee.

I’m hoping to get these out once a week, ideally on Sunday night in the future instead of Wednesday afternoon.

KDE Development News

Sun 27 Feb 2000 – Sat 4 Mar 2000

KDE Weekly News is back! Look for new, weekly editions, covering both the kde-devel and kde-core-devel lists, as well as any other newsworthy KDE items we can get our hands on. Currently, the new KDE Weekly News crew consists of Bill Soudan ([email protected]) and Prasanth Kumar ([email protected]). If you’re interested in joining the crew to provide additional KDE development coverage, please contact us!

KDE @ CeBIT 2000. Chris Schlaeger submitted a short report from CeBIT 2000. The KDE demos and presentations were a great success, with over 100 attendants at each presentation, flooding the aisles as well as the neighboring booths. Check here for some pictures of the huge crowds, and here for some more pictures of the KDE booth and presentations.

KDevelop. Both KDevelop 1.1final and KDK1.1 final have been released. Major new features since the 1.0 version include seven new application templates, a complete integrated debugger, and extended documentation including a KScribble tutorial. Check the KDevelop home page at www.kdevelop.org for more information. In addition, Roberto Alsina reports a hardcopy of the documentation that comes with KDE and KDevelop is available here. Up to 40% of the profit will benefit to the KDevelop project, so if you don’t want to spend hours printing docs on your laser printer, this may be a nice option.

Qt-copy updated. The qt-copy branch of CVS has been updated to Qt 2.1beta2. Dirk Mueller also notes the upgrade is not necessary to compile KDE2, although it is recommended.

More KDE-Gnome Collaboration? In response to Yet Another Volatile Gnome vs. KDE Discussion, [email protected] brought up the possibility of forming “an independent … commitee just for standardization of X11 based applications”. Several KDE developers immediately expressed interest, and Charles followed up by contacting several outside people and the gnome-devel list. He later discovered Havoc Pennington has already begun such a beast, and decided to join forces. As [email protected] aptly pointed out, this may be a significant step forward for all Open Source productivity software. Keep us updated, Charles!

KDE Quickies. Chris Molnar wrote in to mention the 2-28-2000 build of the KDE2 CVS was particularly clean. If you’ve yet to see KDE2 in action, www.nebsllc.com has the 2-28-2000 binaries in both tar.gz and rpm format. Kurt Granroth has made some major conceptual changes to KToolbar, as well as sparking a discussion on moving the progress indicator to the menubar instead of the toolbar. He also took the liberty of preparing a concept prototype, look here for the screenshot. Stefan Westerfield has added network transparency to aRts, KDE2’s next-generation sound system, and is seeking volunteers to test the new code on a variety of systems. Chris Lee has been hard at work with a new KDE2 theme dubbed Vitreus, modeled after a popular unnamed theme from Apple. Screenshots, of course, have been provided.

Suggestions, comments, and especially contributions to [email protected]. You can always find the current edition of KWN at http://developer.kde.org/news/weekly/, as well as archives of past editions.

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