KDE::Enterprise: Interview with Conectiva

How does KDE fit into your IT requirements and
what solutions does it offer?

KDE is just the best desktop environment in existance for the linux
market. Period. No other desktop solution comes even close to KDE’s
small learning curve and, perhaps more important, stability. That’s
the main reason why KDE has been so widely used in our corporate
customers. As a linux-base company, we needed a desktop option when
we offered our services to potential customers. KDE fitted right

We now develop most of our configuration applications using KDE.
Although until recently we had WindowMaker and GNOME as options, we
switched to a real KDE-base distribution. While this doesn’t mean
we do not ship other options in our CDs, we tend to not mention
them in our documentation and promotional material. By all means
KDE is our official desktop.”


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