Kernel 2.0.35 for the NetWinder has arrived

Zac Sprackett

The NetWinder 2.0.35 kernel has arrived! It can be found in
source and binary forms at ftp://ftp.netwinder.org/pub/ccc/kernel.
Look for the files whose names contain 981211. Please see the
README in the same directory for additional information.

(Please note that the first release of 2.0.35, on 981210, had
some serious problems. They have been fixed now).

What’s new in 2.0.35? The list is pretty long, but most
apparently, the Apache problems are solved, and several device
drivers have been moved/renamed. This includes the flash driver,
now called nwflash (maj=10, minor=160), and the new nwdebug driver
(maj=10, minor=159). There is also a driver for the orange button
(contributed by Alex Holden) that allows you to shutdown the
machine in a nice manner without using the keyboard (other actions
can also be programmed).

Support for popular parallel-port devices, like the Imation
SuperDisk, is now a standard part of the kernel. You need only
insmod the drivers specific to your device. There will be some
fine-tuning in the future.