Kernel 2.2.0pre7ac1 released

    From: alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk (Alan Cox)

I've put up 2.2.0pre7ac1 on

Its mostly a standstill patch versus 2.2.0pre6ac1 - just the stuff I didnt
get merged with Linus - but a few small items have been added. ac2 will
follow some time later with the stuff from the pending pile.

Differences between 2.2.0pre7 and 2.2.0pre7ac1

o   Config help for Apollo and for INITIO scsi
o   Large fd arrays (100,000 per process!)
o   Console font handling fixes in 512 char mode
o   Lance allows compiling as a module
o   EEPro100 has byte counters
o   Some shaper bug work - still doesnt work in 2.2.0pre
o   Symbios 53c416 support
o   QlogicFC fibre channel controller support
o   Problems with certain numbers of disks fixed
o   PAS2 and SB sound fixes
o   Swap/page size header stuff handled right
o   NFS client knows about BSD style FIFO rule
o   Memory locking fixes for /proc
o   AVL tree VMA handling for speed when running debug tools
o   Root-dev sysctl works for both endians
o   IP masquerade bug fix for ICMP masq
o   NFS over TCP mostly works
o   Xconfig fixes
o   IPI counter on SMP
o   ver_linux script improvements

Oh yeah I left some I2O references in in error. Just say N to those 8)


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