Kernel Traffic #9 Is Out

This week’s Kernel
table of contents reads:

  1. Kernel panic: can’t push onto full stack
  2. OSDI paper – IO-Lite: A Unified I/O Buffering and Caching
  3. [patch] PIII/Katmai & FXSAVE support, disable serial-#,
  5. 2.2.2 two major problems
  6. which pci sound card does not have dropouts under load
  7. Linux Buffer Overflow Security Exploits
  8. kernel 2.0.37 and old distro
  9. Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 Server Adapter
  10. SMP on a UP system, and Hitchhikers guide to the proc file
  11. RH5.2 won’t install on Cyrix
  12. *sigh* Please give me something…
  13. 90% mem for buff??? (2.2.2ac7 other not tested…)
  14. Scheduler oddness
  15. linux-2.2.2 won’t compile
  16. user space writel() etc. in 2.2.2
  17. Linux/IA-64 (Merced)
  18. Hard Drive Cache information
  19. FAT speedup patch revisited for 2.2.1
  20. Lets get this right (WAS RE:MOSIX and kernel mods)
  21. BUG in videodev.c [PATCH]
  22. cdrom eject fails in 2.2.2-ac7