KernelTrap: Comprehensive System Accounting

“Jay Lan of SGI mailed a set of four patches to the lkml that
provide CSA, or Comprehensive System Accounting for the Linux
kernel. Andrew Morton noted that he was able to review the patch
for its technical merits, however explaining that more importantly,
‘I am 100% not in a position to judge whether Linux needs
Comprehensive System Accounting, nor am I able to define what the
requirements for such a thing should be.’ To those that need what
is provided by CSA, Andrew said, ‘we’re going to need help from
you, and from all the other stakeholders in judging how useful this
feature is to Linux implementors and how well this implementation
meets the (unknown) requirements.’ Specifically, he asked that
those needing this functionality speak up to explain what
functionality is required, and how well SGI’s patch meets those
requirements. Additionally, he asked for detailed comparisons to
any alternative implementations…”


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