KernelTrap: Linux: How Do You Spell That?

[ Thanks to Jeremy
for this link. ]

“The topic of proper spelling in kernel code surfaces now and
again, often with a flurry of spelling correction patches appearing
shortly before a major release. The fixing of spelling mistakes in
comments is a questionable pastime, as the end goal is generally
superficial and yet it can accidently result in breaking things.
Or, perhaps the word in question has different spellings in
different areas around the globe, such as ‘flavour’ versus

“Michael Hayes recently looked at spelling in the 2.6.2 kernel,
reviewing all the added lines of code to see how many introduced
spelling errors. He summarizes, ‘it turns out that there are around
200 new spelling errors in 2.6.2.’ More specifically, ‘A ‘wether’
(castrated goat) has appeared, along with a ‘Rusell’ that should be
stamped out before it spreads. Someone had a dreadful time with
‘technology’ and its variants, spelling it wrong 9 different ways.’
Read on for the complete list…”


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