KernelTrap: New Firewire Stack In Development

“Kristian Høgsberg announced that he is working on a new
firewire stack to replace the stack currently in the Linux kernel.
‘I’m aiming to implement feature parity with the current firewire
stack, but not necessarily interface compatibility,’ Kristian
explained, ‘for now, I have the low-level OHCI driver done, the
mid-level transaction logic done, and the SBP-2 (storage) driver is
basically done.’ He went on to explain that he didn’t initially
intend to rewrite the entire firewire stack, ‘at first I just
wanted to fix the OHCI driver. However any rewrite that addresses
the problems in the driver will shift the code around enough to
invalidate the quirks and workarounds there. And frankly, I don’t
trust most of the workarounds to begin with. So I decided to write
the OHCI driver from scratch…'”

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