KernelTrap: Software Suspend 2.1

“Nigel Cunningham released Software Suspend 2.1 for the 2.6.9
Linux kernel saying, ‘there are tons of changes since 2.0, the main
one being that suspend can now be built as modules and loaded from
an initrd.’ He also announced plans to backport the new features to
the 2.4 kernel noting that from here on out 2.4 will only get bug
fixes. An internals document is included with this new version,
beginning with a quick overview:

“‘Software Suspend 2.0 is an addition to the Linux Kernel,
designed to allow the user to quickly shutdown and quickly boot a
computer, without needing to close documents or programs. It is
equivalent to the hibernate facility in some laptops. This
implementation, however, requires no special BIOS or hardware