KernelTrap: The Value Of Merging bsdjail Into Linux

“Serge Hallyn offered an updated version of his bsdjail patch
for LSM, offering ‘functionality similar to (but more limited than)
the vserver patch.’ Andrew Morton offered a quick review of the
code, however sounded unsure the functionality was needed in the
core kernel, ‘I don’t recall anyone requesting this feature. Tell
me why we should add it to Linux?’ He went on to explain, ‘we need
to be able to demonstrate that the new code is sufficiently useful
to a sufficiently large number of people as to warrant the cost of
maintaining it in the tree for the rest of eternity.’

“Serge pointed out that he was ‘just a developer,’ not a
marketer. ‘There was no customer demand which we were addressing.
We just saw it as a very useful feature easy to implement…'”