KHTML Vs Webkit: To Merge or Not To Merge

[ Thanks to D.C.
for this link. ]

“This past Summer, the news broke that the KDE project has plans
to re-merge KHTML and Webkit. It appears the KHTML team is not
going gently into that good night.

“Back in the day, Apple worked with KDE’s KHTML team to some
extent, apparently being none too friendly in their contributions
back to the project. Eventually, Apple released WebKit under libre
terms, and some prominent KDE developers have been planning to use
qtWebkit as Konqueror’s new rendering engine since most websites
get tested for Webkit, along with Gecko. To be clear, Webkit was
essentially a fork of KHTML, and the KDE devs want to merge it
back. As is typical of most FOSS projects, the discussion is not an
open-and-shut case…”