Kinect hack makes awesome digital shadow puppet show possible

[ Thanks to An Anonymous
for this link. ]

“The release of open source drivers for Kinect has
opened the flood gates on experimentation with the motion
controller, and this latest project should be picked up and
released as an official Kinect game in our opinion.

“Using the libfreenect drivers and openFrameworks, Emily
Gobeille and Theo Watson have created a digital shadow puppet show
like no other. The Kinect is used to do skeleton tracking on the
arm of the puppeteer. It determines where the shoulder, elbow, and
wrist are and then uses their movement to affect the movement of
the colorful character projected on the wall. Fingertips are also
tracked allowing the brid’s beak to open and close.

“The end result is the best shadow puppet show I’ve ever seen,
and something that’s sure to enthrall young children sitting around
the world. It could also help sell a few more Kinects for

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