KPSQL v.0.9 – A SQL GUI client for PostgresSQL / K Desktop

A tool similar to Oracle’s Server Manager motif worksheet and
Microsoft’s Windows based SQL Server iSQL query has been

KPSQL is distributed under the GNU GPL.



* color syntax highlighting for the editor
* complete control of fonts and colors
* HTML table output for query results
* execute multiple SQL statements or one of many by highlighting
* support for drag and drop
* search/replace
* undo/redo
* cut/copy/paste
* bookmarks
* spool query output to a file
* spool data in fixed length, comma, tab or custom delimited format
* print ( lpr, enscript and a2ps )
* online PostgreSQL help
* KDE desktop integration ( *.sql files are associated with the
application )


PostgresSQL 6.4+
Qt 1.44+
KDE 1.1+

Keith Davis
Mutiny Bay Software

e-mail: [email protected]
web: http://www.mutinybaysoftware.com