KT.Linuxcare.com: Argument Over Quality Of Red Hat 7.0

“This was the now-famous thread in which Linus Torvalds

“Quite frankly, anybody who uses RedHat 7.0 and
their broken compiler for _anything_ is going to have

“Jakub Jelinek replied that the bugs reported against Red Hat’s gcc
had already been fixed, to which Linus replied, “That’s good. It’s
even better if you don’t play quite as fast-and-lose with your
shipping compiler.”

“Elsewhere, Alan Cox also replied to Linus’ initial post.
Responding to Linus’ statement that Red Hat’s gcc had not been
approved by the gcc technical people, Alan asserted that all but
two of Red Hat’s patches had been accepted into the upstream
sources, which he felt showed their approval of Red Hat’s


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