LabVIEW For Linux/x86 GPIB (NI-488.2) Driver Software

Thanks to Skip
for this link.

“This driver supports National Instruments AT-GPIB/TNT and
PCI-GPIB cards. It may be used with the LabVIEW’s GPIB or NI488.2
primitives or called from C by linking your program with the
supplied cib.c file.”

This driver requires a stable Linux/x86 2.0.x series kernel with
loadable modules and module versioning enabled. (See the
instructions for your Linux distribution for how to reconfigure
your kernel if necessary.)

The kernel header files (/usr/include/linux) for your current
kernel, gcc-2.7.2 or later, and the module utilities must be
installed on your system to proceed with installation. These are
provided by default on most Linux distributions.