Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.6.9-rc3


Full Changelog

Ok, this 2.6.9 cycle is getting too long, but here’s a -rc3 and
hopefully we’re getting there now.

Architecture updates, networking, drivers, sparse annotations.
You name it.


Summary of changes from v2.6.9-rc2 to v2.6.9-rc3


  • [libata sata_svw] race condition fix, new device support

Aaron Grothe:

  • [CRYPTO]: Whirlpool algorithm updates

Adam Kropelin:

  • input: Add 64-bit compatible ioctls for hiddev
  • This patch fixes another disconnect oops in hiddev

Alan Cox:

  • serial-cs and unusable port size ranges
  • tty locking cleanup and fixes

Alan Modra:

  • ppc64: give the kernel an OPD section

Alasdair G. Kergon:

  • device-mapper: fix minor number check
  • device-mapper: rename emit macro

Alex Williamson:

  • [IA64] discontig.c: fixup pxm_to_nid_map
  • [IA64] sba_iommu.c: sba_iommu NUMA locality
  • [IA64] iosapic.h, pci.c, iosapic.c, acpi.c: iosapic NUMA
    interrupt locality
  • fix compat_do_execve stack usage

Alexander Viro:

  • cifs: annotate NEGOTIATE_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate DELETE_FILE_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate DELETE_DIRECTORY_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate CREATE_DIRECTORY_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate OPEN_{REQ,RESP}, endianness bugfix
  • cifs: annotate READ_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate WRITE_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate LOCK_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate RENAME_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate TRANSACTION2_SFI_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate COPY_{REQ,RESP}, minor endianness bugfix
  • cifs: annotate TRANSACTION2_SPI_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate NT_RENAME_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate TRANSACTION2_QPI_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate TRANSACT_IOCTL_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate TRANSACTION2_FFIRST_{REQ,RESP}, typo fix in
  • cifs: annotate TRANSACTION2_FNEXT_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate TRANSACTION2_GET_DFS_REFER_{REQ,RESP}, minor
    endianness bugfix
  • cifs: annotate TRANSACTION2_QFSI_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate file_…_info
  • cifs: annotate fea{,list}, endianness bugfix
  • cifs: annotate stat-related structures
  • cifs: annotate FILE_DIRECTORY_INFO, clean up
  • cifs: annotate FILE_SYSTEM_DEVICE_INFO
  • cifs: annotate T2_F{FIRST,NEXT|_RSP_PARMS
  • cifs: annotate smb_hdr
  • cifs: annotate TCONX_{REQ,RESP}
  • cifs: annotate SESSION_SETUP_ANX
  • cifs: assorted endianness bugfixes
  • cifs: IPv4-related endianness annotations and bugfixes
  • sysvfs endianness annotations and bugfixes
  • ext3 endianness annotations and bugfixes
  • fat endianness annotations
  • efs endianness annotations
  • jbd endianness annotations
  • afs endianness annotations
  • rxrpc endianness annotations
  • net2280 iomem annotations
  • applicom iomem annotations
  • drivers/input annotations

Alexey Kuznetsov:

  • [IPV4]: Fix fa_list walking in fib_hash.c

Andi Kleen:

  • [NET]: Fix missing spin lock in lltx path
  • Add prctl to modify current->comm
  • Fix ABI in set_mempolicy()
  • x86-64: add atomic64_t
  • x86-64: make APIC errors KERN_DEBUG
  • x86-64: add apic={verbose,quiet,debug}
  • x86-64: update defconfig
  • x86-64: avoid deadlock in page fault handler
  • x86-64: avoid panic when APIC ID cannot be set
  • x86-64: IO-APIC suspend/resume
  • x86-64: make machine check handler configurable
  • x86-64: remove WARN_ON in smp_call_function
  • x86-64: print mce bank enable mask in hex
  • x86-64: add might_sleeps to more *_user functions
  • x86-64: fix for mem= on NUMA systems
  • x86-64: sibling map fix for clustered mode
  • x86-64: synchronize video.S with i386
  • x86-64: add read implies exec macro
  • x86-64, x86: don’t pass CR2 on alignment faults
  • x86-64: turn tss into per cpu data
  • x86-64: copy ioperm bitmaps more efficiently at context

Andrew Morton:

  • isofs buffer management fix
  • bio_alloc() cleanup
  • remove sh64 smplock.h

Andrew Zabolotny:

  • input

Andrey V. Savochkin:

  • fix for fsync ignoring writing errors

Andy Fleming:

  • ppc32: 85xx spurious interrupt bug

Anil Keshavamurthy:

  • Online CPU with maxcpus option panics

Anton Altaparmakov:

  • NTFS: Remove vol->nr_mft_records as it was pretty
    meaningless and optimize the calculation of total/free inodes as
    used by statfs().
  • NTFS: Fix scheduling latencies in ntfs_fill_super() by dropping
    the BKL because the code itself is using the ntfs_lock semaphore
    which provides safe locking. (Ingo Molnar)
  • NTFS: Fix a potential bug in
    fs/ntfs/mft.c::map_extent_mft_record() that could occur in the
    future for when we start closing/freeing extent inodes if we don’t
    set base_ni->ext.extent_ntfs_inos to NULL after we free it.
  • NTFS: Rename {find,lookup}_attr() to ntfs_attr_{find,lookup}()
    as well as find_external_attr() to ntfs_external_attr_find() to
    cleanup the namespace a bit and to be more consistent with
  • NTFS: Rename {{re,}init,get,put}_attr_search_ctx() to
    ntfs_attr_{{re,}init,get,put}_search_ctx() as well as the type
    attr_search_context to ntfs_attr_search_ctx.
  • NTFS: – Fix endianness bug in ntfs_external_attr_find()
  • NTFS: 2.1.18 release
  • NTFS: – Remove BKL use from ntfs_setattr() syncing up with the
    rest of the kernel.
  • NTFS: Get rid of the ugly transparent union in
    fs/ntfs/dir.c::ntfs_readdir() and ntfs_filldir() as per suggestion
    from Al Viro.
  • NTFS: Improve the previous transparent union removal
  • NTFS: Change ” and L” to simply 0 as per advice from Linus
  • NTFS: – Update ->truncate (fs/ntfs/inode.c::ntfs_truncate())
    to check if the inode size has changed and to only output an error
    if so.
  • NTFS: Begin of sparse annotations: new data types and
    endianness conversion
  • NTFS: Continuing sparse annotations: finish data types and
    header files
  • NTFS: Finish off sparse annotation
  • NTFS: 2.1.19 – Many cleanups, improvements, and a minor bug
  • NTFS: Fix a stupid bug where I forgot to actually do the
    attribute lookup and then went and used the looked up attribute…
  • NTFS: Remove silly (__force le32) casts from
    __ntfs_is_magic{,p} helper functions. Thanks to Al Viro for
    spotting them.
  • NTFS: Convert final enum (fs/ntfs/logfile.h) to define to
    silence last bitwise sparse warning.
  • NTFS: Change {const_,}cpu_to_le{16,32}(0) to just 0 as
    suggested by Al Viro
  • Update for the LDM driver (fs/partitions/ldm.c): The
    last_vblkd_seq can be before the end of the vmdb, just make sure it
    is not out of bounds.
  • NTFS: Change all the defines back to simple enums since sparse
    is now happy typed enums. This completes the sparse annotations in

Anton Blanchard:

  • Clean up compat sched affinity syscalls
  • Backward compatibility for compat sched_getaffinity
  • ppc64: remove SPINLINE config option
  • ppc64: RTAS error logs can appear twice in dmesg
  • ppc64: Enable NUMA API
  • ppc64: use nm –synthetic where available
  • ppc64: clean up kernel command line code
  • ppc64: remove unused ppc64_calibrate_delay
  • ppc64: remove EEH command line device matching code
  • ppc64: use early_param
  • ppc64: restore smt-enabled=off kernel command line option
  • ppc64: enable POWER5 low power mode in idle loop
  • ppc64: clean up idle loop code
  • ppc64: remove -Wno-uninitialized
  • ppc64: Fix real bugs uncovered by -Wno-uninitialized
  • ppc64: Fix spurious warnings uncovered by -Wno-uninitialized
  • hvc: uninitialised variable
  • ppc32: remove -Wno-uninitialized
  • Allocate correct amount of memory for pid hash
  • ppc64: force_sigsegv fixes
  • ppc64: powersave_nap sysctl
  • ppc64: replace mmu_context_queue with idr allocator
  • ppc64: iseries build fixes
  • ppc64: clean up asm/mmu.h
  • ppc64: Remove A() and AA()
  • ppc64: export probe_irq_mask
  • ppc64: fix hotplug CPU when building a pseries+pmac kernel
  • ppc64: disable some drivers broken on 64bit
  • ppc64: fix CONFIG_CMDLINE
  • ppc64: User tasks must have a valid thread.regs

Antonino Daplas:

  • fbcon: fix fbcon’s setup routine
  • fbdev: Initialize i810fb after agpgart
  • fbdev: Arrange driver order in Makefile

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:

  • [NET] generalise per protocol slab cache handling
  • [SOCKET] make enum socket_type be arch overridable
  • [NET] Calculate ipv6_pinfo offset from struct
  • [SOCK] remove sk_pair, only really used by AF_UNIX

Badari Pulavarty:

  • dio fine alignment and pages in io

Bart De Schuymer:

  • [NETFILTER]: port physdev to ip6tables

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:

  • ide: small cleanup for sis5513
  • [ide] hpt34x: remove dead /proc/ide/hpt34x code
  • [ide] remove ide_hwif_t->sg_dma_active

Ben Dooks:

  • [ARM PATCH] 2090/2: S3C2410 – usb gadged (udc) include
  • [ARM PATCH] 2091/1: S3C2410 – change id of s3c2410-ohci
  • [ARM PATCH] 2092/1: S3C2410 – gpio bugfix and additions
  • [ARM PATCH] 2093/1: S3C2410 – remove un-necessary resource from
  • [ARM PATCH] 2110/1: S3C2410 – NAND platform data
  • [ARM PATCH] 2112/1: S3C2410 – fix <asm/arch/regs-clock.h>
    for assembly inclusion

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:

  • ppc32: pmac cpufreq for ibook 2 600
  • ppc64: Fix some bogus warnings & cleanup tlbie code
  • ppc64: Fix __raw_* IO accessors
  • pmac: don’t add °C suffix in sys for adt746x
  • ppc64: monster cleanup
  • ppc32: Fix Apple Xserve G4 PCI probing
  • ppc32: Fix bogus return value in pmac_cpufreq.c
  • ppc32: Fix potentially uninitialized var in chrp_setup.c
  • ppc32: Fix type/bug in pmac_feature.c
  • ppc32: Fix use of uninitialized pointer in offb
  • ppc32: adapt prom_init to offb change
  • ppc32: Fix typo/bug in bus resource allocation
  • ppc32/64: Fix warning in pmac ide
  • ppc32: ADB keycode conversion update
  • ppc32: Fix warning in pmac battery code
  • radeonfb: Fix newer PowerBook & warnings
  • ppc64: Fix 32 bits conversion of SI_TIMER signals
  • ppc64: fix 32-bit SI_TIMER conversion fix
  • ppc64: Fix spelling error in callback name
  • ppc64: Remote some userland-only stuff from kernel header
  • ppc64: Make the DART “iommu” code more generic
  • ppc/ppc64: Fix g5 access to PCI IO cycles
  • ppc64: DART iommu allocation fix
  • ppc64: Fix !SMP build

Bjorn Helgaas:

  • drm: add pci_enable_device

Brett Russ:

  • [ide] make sure we are looking at the low bits post error

Carsten Rietzschel:

  • input: Add CodeMercs IOWarrior to hid-core device

Chas Williams:

  • [ATM]: [drivers] fix warnings related to readl/writel
  • [ATM]: [lanai] get sleep interval right
  • [ATM]: [eni] fix __iomem related warnings
  • [ATM]: [ambassador] remove warnings related to unused
  • [ATM]: [fore200e] fix warnings related to dma_addr_t

Christoph Hellwig:

  • make kmem_find_general_cachep static in slab.c
  • mark md_interrupt_thread static
  • mark dq_list_lock static
  • remove exports from audit code
  • small <linux/hardirq.h> tweaks
  • <asm/softirq.h> crept back in h8300 and sh64
  • mark amiflop non-unloadable
  • [XFS] handle nfs requesting ino 0 gracefully
  • [XFS] fix handling of bad inodes

Christoph Lameter:

  • device driver for the SGI system clock, mmtimer
  • time interpolators logic fix
  • mmtimer quietness

Colin Leroy:

  • [SUNGEM]: Add polling support

Colin Phipps:

  • [IPX]: Make sure sockaddr_ipx objects are initialized

Dave Airlie:

  • drm: fix bug introduced in the macro removal
  • drm: use set_current_state instead of direct assignment
  • drm: actually __set_current_state is more correct
  • drm: complete fix for drm_scatter.h
  • drm: drop __HAVE_COUNTER macros

Dave Jiang:

  • [ARM PATCH] 2100/1: Fix compilation error due to missing
    typedefs (u32) for XScale IOP platforms
  • [ARM PATCH] 2105/1: Fix compilation error for IOP and remove
    unnecessary legacy code

Dave Jones:

  • Pointer dereference before NULL check in ACPI thermal

David Gibson:

  • ppc64: improved VSID allocation algorithm
  • [IPV4]: Initialize newly allocated hash tables in
  • ppc64: remove LARGE_PAGE_SHIFT constant

David S. Miller:

  • [TCP]: Just silently ignore ICMP Source Quench messages
  • [IOMAP]: Make ioport_map() take unsigned long port
  • [TCP]: Fix logic error in packets_out accounting
  • [SPARC64]: __iomem annotations and iomap implementation
  • [IPV4]: Use list.h facilities for fib_info_list
  • [IPV4]: Make fib_semantics algorithms scale better
  • [TG3]: Recognize all onboard Sun variants, not just 5704
  • [TG3]: Update driver version and reldate
  • [CRYPTO]: Zero out tfm before freeing in crypto_free_tfm()
  • [NETFILTER]: Fix off-by-one test error in ip_tables.c
  • [IPV4]: Basic cleanups in fib_hash.c
  • [IPV4]: Use hlist_for_each_entry_safe in fib_hash_move
  • [NETFILTER]: Fix tcp_find_option() bug properly
  • [IPV4]: More fib_hash cleanups
  • [SPARC64]: Add io{read,write}{8,16,32}_rep()
  • [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
  • [FC4]: Fix iomem warnings in SOC driver
  • [FC4]: Fix iomem warnings in SOCAL driver
  • [SPARC64]: Make IDE ops take __iomem pointers
  • [SPARC64]: Fix iomem warnings in amd7930 sound driver
  • [SPARC64]: Fix iomem warnings in cs4231 sound driver
  • [SPARC64]: Fix iomem warnings in i8042-sparcio.h
  • [MPTFUSION]: Fix iomem warnings
  • [SUNHME]: Fix iomem warnings
  • [SUNLANCE]: Fix iomem warnings
  • [SUNQE]: Fix iomem warnings
  • [SUNBMAC]: Fix iomem warnings
  • [MYRI_SBUS]: Fix iomem warnings
  • [TYPHOON]: Fix iomem warnings
  • [SPARC64]: Fix iomem warnings in envctrl driver
  • [SPARC64]: Fix iomem warnings in display7seg driver
  • [SPARC64]: Fix iomem warnings in cpwatchdog driver
  • [SPARC64]: Fix iomem warnings in flash driver
  • [B44]: Fix remaining iomem warnings
  • [SPARC64]: Fix iomem warnings in esp scsi driver
  • [SPARC64]: Fix iomem warnings in qlogicpti driver
  • [SPARC64]: Fix I/O port args to string routines
  • [SPARC64]: Missing ioremap() in parport support
  • [SPARC]: Kill dump_dma_regs, unused
  • [XFRM] make xfrm_lookup() fully af-independent
  • [IPV4]: Fix BUG triggered in fib_sync_down()
  • [SPARC64]: Improve kernel stack backtraces
  • [SPARC64]: Fix memset() in sunsu.c and sunzilog.c
  • [IPV4]: Clean up fib_hash.c list handling
  • [SPARC64]: Update compat code for sys_waitid changes
  • [ATM]: Use __iomem where appropriate
  • [IPV4]: Fix list traversal in fn_hash_insert()
  • [NET]: Add ethtool support to loopback driver
  • Cset exclude:
  • [NET]: Abstract neigh table walking
  • [NET]: Apply NEIGH_HASHMASK at tbl->hash() caller
  • [NET]: Privatize {P,}NEIGH_HASHMASK
  • [NET]: Create neigh_lookup_nodev for decnet
  • [NET]: Grow neigh hash table dynamically
  • [NET]: Convert neigh hashing over to jenkins
  • [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
  • [SPARC64]: Start timer tick after interpolator is
  • [NET]: Neighbour hashing tweaks
  • [NET]: Smooth out periodic neighbour GC
  • [NET]: Fix some neigh table locking errors
  • [NET]: Remove INCOMPLETE checks from neigh_forced_gc()
  • [TCP]: Fix congestion window expansion when using TSO
  • [NET]: Neighbour cache statistics like rt_stat
  • [TCP]: Fix third arg to __tcp_trim_head()
  • [TCP]: Uninline tcp_current_mss()
  • [TCP]: Move TSO mss calcs to tcp_current_mss()
  • [NETLINK]: In netlink_trim(), verify that SKB is not on a
  • [SPARC64]: Do not log streaming byte hole errors
  • [SPARC64]: Disable SBH interrupt properly
  • [IPV4]: Define fib_alias in new header fib_lookup.h
  • [IPV4]: Move some fib_semantics exports into fib_lookup.h
  • [IPV4]: Do fib_alias lookup walk directly in
  • [TCP]: Fix inaccuracies in tso_factor settings

Dean Roehrich:

  • [XFS] Need to vn_revalidate after dm_set_fileattr

Deepak Saxena:

  • Add support for word-length UART registers
  • Document ARM pci=firmware option
  • Update IXP4xx MTD driver from CVS MTD
  • Add MTD map driver for Intel IXP2000 NPU

Denis Vlasenko:

  • reduce [compat_]do_execve stack usage
  • reduce stack consumption in load_elf_binary

Dmitry Torokhov:

  • Cset exclude:
  • Input: logips2pp – do not call get_model_info 2 times
  • Input: mousedev – better handle button presses when under
  • Input: mousedev – implement tapping for touchpads working in
    absolute mode, such as Synaptics
  • Input: make connect and disconnect methods mandatory for serio
    drivers since that’s where serio_{open|close} are called from to
    actually bind driver to a port.
  • Input: rename serio->driver to serio->port_data in
    preparation to sysfs integration
  • Input: more renames in serio in preparations to sysfs
  • Input: switch to dynamic (heap) serio port allocation in
    preparation to sysfs integration. By having all data structures
    dynamically allocated serio driver modules can be unloaded without
    waiting for the last reference to the port to be dropped.
  • Input: allow serio drivers to create children ports and
    register these ports for them in serio core to avoid having
    recursion in connect methods.
  • Input: serio sysfs integration
  • Input: allow users manually rebind serio ports, like this
  • Input: allow marking some drivers (that don’t do HW
    autodetection) as manual bind only. Such drivers will only be bound
    to a serio port if user requests it by echoing driver name into
    port’s sysfs driver attribute.
  • Input: Add serio_raw driver that binds to serio ports and
    provides unobstructed access to the underlying serio port via a
    char device. The driver tries to register char device 10,1
    (/dev/psaux) first and if it fails goes for dynamically allocated
    minor. To bind use sysfs interface:
  • Input: link serio ports to their parent devices in ambakmi,
    gscps2, pcips2 and sa1111ps2 drivers
  • Input: move input/serio closer to the top of drivers/Makefile
    so serio_bus is available early
  • Input: rearrange code in sunzilog so it registers its serio
  • Input: workaround for i8042 active multiplexing controllers
    losing track of where data is coming from. Also sprinkled some
    “likely”s in i8042 interrupt handler.
  • Input: add serio_pause_rx and serio_continue_rx so drivers can
    protect their critical sections from port’s interrupt handler
  • Input: when changing psmouse state (activated, ignore) use
    srio_pause_rx/ serio_continue_rx so it will not fight with the
    interrupt handler
  • Input: do not call protocol handler in psmouse unless mouse is
    filly initialized – helps when USB Legacy emulation gets in our way
    and starts generating junk data stream while psmouse is detecting
  • Input: synaptics – do not try to process packets from slave
    device as if they were coming form the touchpad itself if
    pass-through port is disconnected, just pass them to serio core and
    it will attempt to bind proper driver to the port
  • Input: rearrange activation/children probe sequence in psmouse
    so reconnect on children ports works even after parent port is
    fully activated:
  • Input: drop __attribute__ ((packed)) from mousedev_emul
  • Input: make i8042 a platform device instead of system device so
    its serio ports have proper parent
  • Input: integrate ct82c710, maceps2, q40kbd and rpckbd with
    sysfs as platform devices so their serio ports have proper
  • Input: Switch to use bus’ default device and driver attributes
    to manage serio sysfs attributes
  • Input: allow marking serio ports (in addition to serio drivers)
    as manual bind only, export the flag through sysfs
  • Input: serio – switch to use driver_find, adjust reference
  • Input: fix psmouse_sendbyte logic
  • Input: psmouse – harden command mode processing logic
  • Input: switch psmouse driver from busy-polling for command
    completion to waiting for event
  • Input: atkbd – harden ACK/NAK and command processing logic
  • Input: switch atkbd driver from busy-polling for command
    completion to waiting for event
  • Input: fix reader wakeup conditions in mousedev, joydev and
    tsdev (we want readers to wake up when underlying device is gone so
    they would get -ENODEV and close the device).
  • Input: fix absolute device handling in mousedev that was broken
    by recent change that tried to do better multiplexing.

Domen Puncer:

  • [ATM]: [he] Make code more readable with

Dominik Brodowski:

  • powernow-k7: fix latency calculation

Doug Dumitru:

  • uml: don’t trash return value

Eric Lemoine:

  • [SUNGEM]: Add tx_lock
  • [SUNGEM]: LLTX support
  • [SUNGEM]: Add netpoll support

François Romieu:

  • r8169: default on disabling PCIDAC

Gerd Knorr:

  • bttv bugfix

Gordon Jin:

  • [IA64] ia32compat: Disable syscalls sys32_iopl() and
    sys32_ioperm() on ia64

Grzegorz Jaskiewicz:

  • gcc-4.0 build fixes

Harald Welte:

  • [NETFILTER]: add sysctl to read out the number of current
  • [NET]: Generic network statistics

Heinz J. Mauelshagen:

  • device-mapper: mirror log sync optional

Herbert Xu:

  • input: Fix boundary checks for GUSAGE/SUSAGE in hiddev
  • [IPV6]: Add option to copy DSCP in decap in ip6_tunnel
  • [NET]: Convert RTM+_* to enum
  • [IPV6]: Kill ip6_get_dsfield
  • [IPSEC]: Implement DSCP decapsulation
  • [IPV4]: Size fib_info_devhash[] correctly
  • [IPV4]: Fix some stray IP_ROUTE_TOS references
  • [NETFILTER]: Fix comment typo in ip_nat_helper
  • [IPV4]: Check PAGE_SIZE in fz_hash_alloc
  • [IPV4]: Kill remnant of ip_nat_dumb
  • [IPV4]: Fix endless loop in fn_hash_delete
  • [IPV4]: Fix thinko in fib_find_alias
  • [IPV4]: Missing TOS checks after fib_find_alias
  • [TCP]: Use mss_cache_std in tcp_init_metrics()
  • [NETLINK]: Kill export of netlink_broadcast_deliver
  • [NETLINK]: Trim SKBs at netlink_{unicast,broadcast}() time
  • [RTNETLINK]: Calculate rtmsg_ifinfo() SKB size more

Hideaki Yoshifuji:

  • [NET] NEIGHBOUR: save number of arguments for neigh_update() by
  • [IPV6] NDISC: suspect REACHABLE entry if new lladdr is
  • [IPV6] NDISC: keep original state if new state is STALE and
    lladdr is unchanged
  • [NET] NEIGHBOUR: merge two flags for neigh_update() into
  • [IPV6] NDISC: update IsRouter flag appropriately
  • [NET] NEIGHBOUR: use time_after() and its friends
  • [IPV6] NDISC: update entry appropriately when receiving NS
  • [NET] NEIGHBOUR: improve neighbour state machine
  • [IPV6] NDISC: Fix message validation against Redirects
  • [IPV6] don’t use expired default routes
  • [IPV6] ensure to aging default routes
  • [IPV6] purge routes via non-router neighbour but gateway
  • [IPV6]: Do not export rt6_dflt_{pointer,lock}
  • [IPV6]: Missing xfrm_lookup() in
  • [IPV6]: NDISC: ensure responding to NS without link-layer
  • [NET]: Fix non-existent reference to tulip.txt
  • [ARCNET]: Fix crash in
  • [IPV6] Fix device multicast list leakage when forwarding is
  • [IPV6] Don’t multiply join multicast/anycast addresses
  • [IPV6] Save number of arguments for __ipv6_dev_mc_dev()
  • [IPV6] use __ipv6_dev_mc_dec() where appropriate
  • [IPV6] leave solicited-node multicast address during device
  • [IPV6] leave subnet-routers anycast address during device
  • [IPV6] Clean up anycast membership management
  • [IPV6] Fix routing header handling
  • [IPV6] Fix skb allocation size for RST and ACK

Hirokazu Takata:

  • m32r architecture
  • m32r: update for profiling
  • m32r: update zone_sizes_init()
  • m32r: update to fix compile errors
  • m32r: update uaccess.h
  • m32r: update checksum functions
  • m32r: update CF/PCMCIA drivers
  • m32r: update headers to remove useless iBCS2 support code
  • atomic_inc_return for m32r
  • m32r: modify sys_ipc() to remove useless iBCS2 support
  • m32r: add ELF machine code
  • m32r: upgrade to
  • m32r: support a new bootloader “m32r-g00ff”
  • m32r: modify IO routines for m32700ut CF access
  • m32r: remove network drivers
  • m32r: modify drivers/net/smc91x.c for m32r
  • m32r: modify drivers/net/ne.c for m32r
  • m32r: slim arch/m32r/Kconfig
  • m32r: upgrade include/asm-m32r/atomic.h
  • m32r: fix to build SMP kernel
  • m32r: upgrade for recent kernel changes

Horst Hummel:

  • s390: dasd driver

Hugh Dickins:

  • shmem: don’t SLAB_HWCACHE_ALIGN
  • shmem: inodes and links need lowmem
  • shmem: no sbinfo for shm mount
  • shmem: no sbinfo for tmpfs mount?
  • shmem: avoid the shmem_inodes list
  • shmem: rework majmin and ZERO_PAGE
  • shmem: Copyright file_setup trivia

Ian Campbell:

  • Remove stray 0 from drivers/video/Makefile

Ingo Molnar:

  • blk: max_sectors tunables
  • i386: elf_read_implies_exec() fixup
  • x86 TSS: io port caching
  • x86 TSS: io bitmap lazy updating
  • tune vmalloc size
  • fix diskstats_show() accounting with PREEMPT

James Courtier-Dutton:

  • input: Add Audigy LS PCI ID to emu10k1-gp.c

Jason Davis:

  • ES7000 subarch update

Javier Achirica:

  • Compatibility fixes for different card versions

Jeff Dike:

  • uml: remove ghash.h
  • uml: eliminate useless thread field
  • uml: fix scheduler race
  • uml: fix binary layout assumption
  • uml: disable pending signals across a reboot
  • uml: update handle_IRQ_event
  • uml: finish conversion to sigjmp_buf/siglongjmp
  • uml: finish the signals across a reboot fix
  • uml: fix a signal race
  • uml: enable the timer after the timer handler
  • uml: convert the real-time clock to gettimeofday from
  • uml: cleaning up
  • uml: let page faults always be delivered immediately
  • uml: eliminate signal order delivery dependency
  • uml: iomem fix
  • uml: fix call to sys_clone
  • uml: copy_user fixes
  • uml: comment UML’s signal handling
  • uml: export memmove
  • uml: restrict tlb flushing
  • uml: clean up terminal state handling
  • uml: get rid of the arch EXTRAVERSION
  • uml: more EINTR protection
  • uml: mconsole fixes and cleanups
  • uml: network driver fixes
  • uml: remove useless ioctls
  • uml: code cleanup
  • uml: update defconfig
  • uml: move linker script
  • uml: small Makefile fixes
  • uml: free wrapper fixes
  • uml: remove an unused header
  • uml: allow UML to load in the normal location
  • uml: linker script cleanup
  • uml: implement current_text_addr
  • uml: error message improvement
  • uml: fix fencepost errors in printks
  • uml: print errno before resetting it

Jeff Garzik:

  • [libata sata_nv] sync with 2.4
  • [libata] remove distinction between MMIO/PIO helper
  • [libata] consolidate legacy/native mode init code into
  • [libata] minor comment updates, preparing for iomap merge
  • [libata] add hook, and export functions needed for sata2

Jeff Mahoney:

  • Fix for default ACL handling on ReiserFS

Jens Axboe:

  • block highmem flushes
  • bio_unmap_user(): original bio passed in
  • partial io completion problem
  • thinko in kmalloc check in partial completion fix
  • Fix sparse warning in bio.c

Jesper Juhl:

  • __copy_to_user() check in cdrom_read_cdda_old()
  • check copy_from_user return value in act2000_isa_download

Jesse Barnes:

  • [IA64-SGI]: disable non-display ROM resources
  • fix uninitialized warnings in mempolicy.c
  • [IA64-SGI]: fix `qw’ might be used uninitialized warning
  • [IA64] Kconfig: Add help text for IA64_SGI_SN2 config
  • fix sysrq handling bug in sn_console.c
  • [IA64] sn2_defconfig update take 2
  • mmtimer cleanups
  • disable sched domains debug code
  • [IA64] sn2_defconfig: disable hotplug cpu

John Engel:

  • compat_sys_fcntl64: fix for locking near end of file

John Levon:

  • fix OProfile locking

Julian Anastasov:

  • [IPV4]: Fix fib_alias TOS walking and insertion

KaiGai Kohei:

  • list_replace_rcu() in include/linux/list.h

Keith Owens:

  • [IA64] ar.k[56] have virtual addresses already, don’t

Kevin Tian:

  • [IA64] ia32compat: Put signal restorer code on a gate page

Kirill Korotaev:

  • Fix of race in writeback_inodes()
  • Rearrangement of inode_lock in writeback_inodes()

Krishna Kumar:

  • [NET]: Remove unnecessary local var initialization

Li Shaohua:

  • idr: fix missing spin_unlock()
  • preserve irqs in time_resume()

Linus Torvalds:

  • Add skeleton “generic IO mapping” infrastructure
  • Export new PCI iomem access interfaces to modules too
  • Fix fork failure case
  • fivafb; Increase DDC/CI timeouts
  • Fix up stupid last-minute edit of fork cleanup
  • Update shipped version of zconfig.tab.c to match bison/yacc
  • ppc64: first cut at new iomap interfaces
  • Add support for “string” ioread/iowrite
  • Fix up typo in ppc64 eeh ioport_map() code
  • remove i2o_core.c
  • ppc64: Need to define HPAGE_SHIFT even when HUGETLB_PAGE not
  • Do __iomem annotations on VGA state handling
  • sym53c8xx_2: remove unnecessary IO pointer casts
  • fb: add __iomem annotations to cfbcopyarea
  • fb: add __iomem annotations to cfbfillrect
  • usb: add host controller __iomem annotations
  • ppc: annotate pmac ide driver
  • fb: add __iomem annotations to cfbimgblt
  • ppc64: clean up generated files at “make clean”
  • The generic iomap library needs to be linked
  • Make smbfs with UNIX extensions get file disk usage count
  • Add __user annotation to PR_SET_NAME
  • Convert system suspend states to proper PCI device states
  • Fix up tty locking update for sgttyb emulation (TIOCGETP and
  • Linux 2.6.9-rc3

Marcel Holtmann:

  • [Bluetooth] Don’t use ISOC transfers for Broadcom dongle
  • [Bluetooth] Don’t send L2CAP reject command for bad
  • [Bluetooth] Check checksums for BNEP

Mark Goodwin:

  • [IA64-SGI] sn_proc_fs.c: convert to use seq_file API
  • [IA64] SGI Altix hardware performance monitoring API

Markus Lidel:

  • reduce ioremap memory size for Adaptec I2O controllers

Martin Josefsson:

  • [NETFILTER]: Cleanup ctstat

Martin Schwidefsky:

  • s390: core changes

Martin Wilck:

  • [TG3]: Fix pause handling, we had duplicate flags for the same

Matt Mackall:

  • netpoll endian fixes

Matthew Wilcox:

  • fix posix_locks_deadlock()

Matthieu Castet:

  • pnpbios parser bugfix

Maximilian Attems:

  • compile fix 3c59x for eisa without pci
  • [MMC] replace schedule_timeout() with

Michal Januszewski:

  • fbdev: Fix userland compile breakage

Mikael Pettersson:

  • WANPIPE/SDLA driver gcc-3.4 fixes
  • Specialix RIO driver gcc-3.4 fixes

Mike Waychison:

  • [TG3]: Fix thinko in 5704 fibre hw autoneg code

Nathan Lynch:

  • fix schedstats null deref in sched_exec
  • ppc64: don’t use state == SYSTEM_BOOTING

Nathan Scott:

  • Fix generic direct IO code for XFS
  • [XFS] Fix incorrect use of do_div on realtime device growfs
    code path
  • [XFS] Fix some locking oddities in extended attributes code
    (ilock excl vs shared).
  • [XFS] Convert to list_for_each_entry_safe form in reclaim list
  • [XFS] Ensure bytes read statistic is not updated when the
    generic routines fail.
  • [XFS] Ensure we update the wbc pages skipped count correctly
    when writing pages.
  • [XFS] Add nosymlinks inode flag for the security folks, reserve
    projinherit flag.
  • [XFS] Update XFS quota header – add macros, use standard gpl
  • [XFS] Make xfssyncd more generic, hand off out-of-space
    flushing to it; fixes two deadlocks when near-full and fixes a
    4KSTACKS problem in XFS.

Neil Brown:

  • Fix disconnected dentries on NFS exports

Nicholas Reilly:

  • [ide] amd74xx: don’t probe for IRQs

Nick Piggin:

  • fix missing unlock_page in mm/rmap.c

Nicolas Pitre:

  • linux/dma-mapping.h needs linux/device.h
  • [ARM PATCH] 2094/1: don’t lose the system timer after resuming
    from sleep on SA11x0 and PXA2xx
  • [ARM PATCH] 2097/2: more gcc-3.4.1 warning fixes
  • [ARM PATCH] 2108/1: pxa-regs.h fixes and updates
  • [ARM PATCH] 2109/1: fix PCMCIA on Mainstone/PXA270
  • [ARM PATCH] 2111/1: restrict scope of PXA2xx register

Nishanth Aravamudan:

  • [ATM]: [drivers] Use msleep() instead of
  • macintosh/macserial: replace schedule_timeout() with
  • macintosh/therm_windtunnel: replace schedule_timeout() with
  • net/airport: replace schedule_timeout() with
  • [SPARC64]: Make bbc_envctrl use msleep_interruptible()
  • [SPARC64]: Make bbc_i2c use msleep_interruptible()

Olaf Hering:

  • input: Re-add PC Speaker support for PPC
  • mark mace and bmac as ppc32 only
  • ppc32: open_pic2.c build fix
  • fix make O= for ppc64/boot
  • [NET]: Remove leading space in linux/skbuff.h

Paolo ‘Blaisorblade’ Giarrusso:

  • uml: refer to CONFIG_USERMODE, not to CONFIG_UM
  • uml: remove commented old code in Kconfig
  • uml: remove CONFIG_UML_SMP

Patrick McHardy:

  • [XFRM]: Fix unbalanced spin_unlock_bh in
  • [NETFILTER]: kill struct ip_nat_hash, saves two pointers per
  • [NETFILTER]: kill struct nf_ct_info, saves five pointers per
  • [NETFILTER]: Use u_int16_t for initialized/num_manips in struct
  • [NETFILTER]: Keep conntrack/nat protocols in array instead of
    linked list
  • [NETFILTER]: Fix two broken assertions
  • [NETFILTER]: Fix invalid return values in sctp_new
  • [NETFILTER]: add comment match
  • [NETFILTER]: Move ip_ct_log_invalid to ip_conntrack_core.c
  • [NETFILTER]: Fill hole in netfilter skb fields on 64bit
  • [NETFILTER]: make ipt_helper depend on ipt_conntrack again
  • [NETFILTER]: Convert sctp match to skb_header_pointer
  • [NETFILTER]: Convert sctp conntrack protocol to
  • [NETFILTER]: Convert udp conntrack protocol to
  • [NETFILTER]: Convert icmp conntrack protocol to
  • [NETFILTER]: move check for already tracked/untracked before
    fragment check

Patrick Mochel:

  • [Power Mgmt] Make pmdisk dependent on swsusp
  • [Power Mgmt] Remove duplicate relocate_pagedir() from
  • [Power Mgmt] Remove more duplicate code from pmdisk
  • [Power Mgmt] Share variables between pmdisk and swsusp
  • [Power Mgmt] Merge first part of image writing code
  • [Power Mgmt] Consolidate code for allocating image pages in
    pmdisk and swsusp
  • [Power Mgmt] Consolidate page count/copy code of pmdisk and
  • [swsusp] Add helper suspend_finish, move common code there
  • [Power Mgmt] Consolidate pmdisk and swsusp low-level
  • [Power Mgmt] Remove arch/i386/power/pmdisk.S
  • [Power Mgmt] Fix up call in kernel/power/disk.c to
  • [Power Mgmt] Consolidate pmdisk and swsusp early swap
  • [Power Mgmt] Merge pmdisk/swsusp image reading code
  • [Power Mgmt] Merge swsusp and pmdisk info headers
  • [swsusp] Fix nasty bug in calculating next address to read
  • [Power Mgmt] Merge pmdisk and swsusp signature handling
  • [Power Mgmt] Merge pmdisk and swsusp pagedir handling
  • [Power Mgmt] Merge pmdisk and swsusp read wrappers
  • [Power Mgmt] Merge pmdisk and swsusp write wrappers
  • [Power Mgmt] Remove pmdisk_free()
  • [Power Mgmt] Make default partition config option part of
  • [Power Mgmt] Remove pmdisk
  • [swsusp] Remove unneeded suspend_pagedir_lock
  • [Power Mgmt] Merge swsusp entry points with the PM core
  • [swsusp] Fix nasty typo
  • [swsusp] Add big fat comment to calc_order()
  • [Power Mgmt] Add CONFIG_PM_DEBUG option
  • [swsusp] Kill unneeded write_header()
  • [swsusp] Make sure software_suspend() takes right path
  • [swsusp] Fix x86-64 low-level support
  • [swsusp] Make sure we call restore_highmem()
  • [Power Mgmt] Make sure we shutdown devices on shutdown and
  • [power mgmt] Make system state enums match device state

Paul E. McKenney:

  • Updates to RCU documentation

Paul P. Komkoff Jr.:

  • [IPV4]: Add wccp v1/v2 support to ip_gre.c

Pavel Machek:

  • mm swsusp: make sure we do not return to userspace where image
    is on disk
  • mm swsusp: copy_page is harmfull
  • swsusp: do not disable platform swsusp because S4bios is
  • swsusp: fix default powerdown mode
  • swsusp: do not oops after allocation failure
  • swsusp: Documentation update
  • Small cleanups for swsusp
  • swsusp: another simplification
  • swsusp: kill crash when too much memory is free

Peter Nelson:

  • input: Enhancements/fixes for PSX pad support

Peter Osterlund:

  • bttv: fix DMA setup bug in latest update

Petr Vandrovec:

  • matroxfb update + sparse annotations

Pierre Ossman:

  • [MMC] Add power up delay

Randolph Chung:

  • add missing declaration to fix kernel/compat.c warning

Raphael Zimmerer:

  • ide: remove obsolete CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ADMA

Richard Henderson:

  • [ALPHA] Check set_fd_set return
  • [ALPHA] Use “long” on some internal bitops routines
  • [ALPHA] Arrange to return EINTR for sigsuspend on signal
  • [ALPHA] Add waitid
  • [ALPHA] Minor updates for cpumask_t
  • [ALPHA] Implement _raw_write_trylock
  • [ALPHA] Fix some compiler warnings from gcc 4
  • Correct prototypes for sys_wait4 and sys_waitpid
  • [ALPHA] Add compile-time assert concerning rt_sigframe
  • [ALPHA] Fix signed one bit fields
  • [ALPHA] Add __user as necessary to fix sparse warnings
  • [ALPHA] Update readb and friends for __iomem
  • [ALPHA] Map readb_relaxed to __raw_readb, not plain readb
  • [ALPHA] Implement new ioread interface
  • [ALPHA] Fix bitops.h, kernel.h include loop
  • [ALPHA] Turn off GENERIC_IOMAP. Arrange for iomap routines to
    be linked unconditionally.
  • [ALPHA] Regenerate defconfig

Robert Olsson:

  • [PKTGEN]: Update to 1.4

Robin Holt:

  • Fix write() return values for tmpfs
  • Fix write() return values for reiserfs

Roland Dreier:

  • ppc64: remove pSeries IO token translations

Roland McGrath:

  • BSD disklabel: handle more than 8 partitions
  • back out siginfo_t.si_rusage from waitid changes
  • fix posix-timers leak
  • x86-64: waitid fallout

Roman Zippel:

  • properly fix double current_menu

Russell King:

  • input: Update pcips2 driver
  • [ARM] Fix ARM APM emulation sparse errors
  • [ARM] Remove the hh.org H3600 “example” code
  • [ARM] Convert list_for_each()/list_entry() to
  • [ARM] Abstract APM circular queue object
  • [ARM] Convert APM user list lock to r/w sem
  • [ARM] APM: “Battery life” needs to be a signed integer
  • [ARM] Remove APM standby support – it’s unused
  • [ARM] Convert suspend to a state machine
  • [ARM] No point having “nonblock” local variable – kill it
  • [ARM] Keep APM threads frozen
  • [ARM] Update APM state definitions
  • [ARM] Revive kapmd and provide apm_queue_event()
  • [ARM] i8042 is available on many footbridge hosts, not just
  • [MMC] Use raw CID rather than decoded CID
  • [MMC] Save MMC card raw CSD structure
  • [MMC] Export raw MMC card CID and CSD registers via device
  • [MMC] Clean up MMC card CID/CSD decoding, stage 1
  • [MMC] Add v2.x and v3.x CID parsing
  • [MMC] Fix suspend/resume buglet
  • [MMC] Fix mmc_block suspend/resume handling (again)
  • [MMC] Ensure PXA MMC interrupts are disabled on chip
  • [ARM] Prevent state machine leakage in ARM APM emulation
  • [MMC] PXAMCI: enable use of platform specific data
  • [MMC] Ensure semaphores are initialised before use. Gah
  • fix problematic flush_cache_page in kernel/ptrace.c
  • [ARM] Fix circular include dependency in asm/system.h
  • Add wait_event_timeout()
  • [PCMCIA] Add device ID for TI4520 to yenta_socket table
  • [MMC] Provide major= module parameter for mmc_block
  • [MMC] Make MMC card initialisation more reliable
  • [MMC] Use scatter-gather lists rather than walking the
  • [MMC] Fix mmci.c build problem

Rusty Russell:

  • Fix ip_nat_ftp registration when no ports= arg
  • Another ip_conntrack seq fix: ip_conntrack_expect
  • Warn that ipchains and ipfwadm are going away
  • [NETFILTER]: Don’t try to do any random dropping since we now
    use jenkins hash
  • [NETFILTER]: Shuffle conntrack structure for better cacheline

Ryan Cumming:

  • implement roundup_pow_two()

Ryan S. Arnold:

  • HVCS fix to replace yield with tty_wait_until_sent in
  • hvc_console fix to protect hvc_write against ldisc write after

Seiji Kihara:

  • ext3: journalled data fsync fix

Sonny Rao:

  • uml: smp build fix

Steffen Thoss:

  • s390: qeth network driver

Stephen Hemminger:

  • [B44]: Fix b44 I/O mem space access warnings
  • [TCP]: Choose congestion algorithm at initialization
  • [TCP]: Diagnostics enhancement for westwood
  • [TCP]: Westwood cleanup
  • [TIME]: Put jiffies_to_usecs in time.h

Stephen Rothwell:

  • ppc64 iSeries: allow ibmvscsic to initialise
  • ppc64: fix CONFIG check typo

Stéphane Eranian:

  • [IA64] Makefile: fix for the PTRACE_SYSCALL corruption bug

Thierry Vignaud:

  • fix driver name in eth1394 as returned by ETHTOOL_GDRVINFO

Thomas Graf:

  • [PKT_SCHED]: Fix slab corruption in cbq_destroy
  • [NET]: Fix ifmap alignment issues over rtnetlink
  • [PKT_SCHED]: Report qdisc parent to userspace
  • [PKT_SCHED]: Remove unneeded line in sch_sfq.c

Tom Rini:

  • ppc32: Don’t make cmd_line be an emptry string
  • ppc32: Fix some warnings in rheap from newer compilers
  • ppc32: Fix a problem with the FCC enet driver for CPM2
  • ppc32: The ISA PIC address for int-ack wasn’t being picked out
  • ppc32: Fix arch/ppc/boot/common/ns16550.c

Tony Luck:

  • [IA64] make INIT dump work again
  • [IA64] When we exhaust the supply of records to read, clear the
    event status
  • [IA64] cleanup contig/discontig/virt_mem_map macros
  • [IA64] zx1_defconfig: bring zx1_defconfig up to date
  • [IA64] add default config file for intel tiger

Torben Mathiasen:

  • devices.txt update

Trond Myklebust:

  • __iomem fixups for atiixp soundcards

Vojtech Pavlik:

  • Cset exclude:
  • input: An attempt at fixing locking in i8042.c and serio.c
  • input: Fix an oops in poll() on uinput. Thanks to Dmitry
    Torokhov for suggesting the fix.
  • input: Make atomicity and exclusive access to variables
    explicit in atkbd.c, using bitops.
  • input: Return 0 from uinput poll if device isn’t yet
  • input: Explicit variable access rules for psmouse.c, using
  • input: Add reporting of raw scancodes to atkbd.c
  • input: Use raw events generated by atkbd in keyboard.c to
    implement true rawmode for PS/2 keyboards.
  • input: Fixes in serio locking. We need per-serio lock for
    passthrough ports, some locks were missing, and spin_lock_irq was
    wishful thinking in serio_interrupt. There is no guarantee that
    serio_interrupt won’t be called twice at the same time.
  • input: Disable the AUX LoopBack command in i8042.c on Compaq
    ProLiant 8-way Xeon ProFusion systems, as it causes crashes and
  • input: Make atkbd.c’s atkbd_command() function immune to keys
    being pressed and scancodes coming from the keyboard while it’s
  • input: More locking improvements (and a fix) for serio. This
    merges both my and Dmitry’s changes.
  • input: Add a missong dmi_noloop declaration in i8042.c
  • input: Make hardware rawmode optional for AT-keyboards, and
    check for rawmode bits in keyboard.c
  • input: Add a missing extern i8042_dmi_loop
  • input: Remove OSB4/Profusion hack in i8042, as it’s handled by
    DMI blacklist now.
  • Input: rearrangements and cleanups in serio.c
  • input: Remove an extra dmi_noloop declaration in i8042.c
  • input: when probing for ImExPS/2 mice, the ImPS/2 sequence
    needs to be sent first, but the result should be ignored.
  • input: Fix array overflows in keyboard.c when KEY_MAX >
    keycode > NR_KEYS > 128
  • input: Add Dell SB Live! PCI ID to the emu10k1-gp driver
  • input: Fix Peter Nelson’s e-mail address in gamecon.c
  • input: Fix Kconfig so that the joydump module can be
  • input: Move Compaq ProLiant DMI handling (ServerWorks/OSB
    workaround) to i8042.c.
  • input: Fix a missing index in tmdc.c
  • input: Check the range for HIDIOC?USAGES num_values
  • input: Fix an i8042 access timing violation spotted by Alan
  • input: Update MAINTAINERS entries for Vojtech Pavlik
  • input: Make sure the HID request queue survives report transfer
    failures gracefully

Werner Almesberger:

  • round log buffer size to power of two

Will Schmidt:

  • ppc64: lparcfg fixes for processor counts
  • ppc64: lparcfg whitespace and wordwrap cleanup

William Lee Irwin III:

  • input: Move CONFIG_USB_HIDDEV a little lower in hiddev.h, to
    fix compilation breakage when it is not defined.
  • sparc32: vmalloc address fix

Yoichi Yuasa:

  • mips: fixed do_signal in arch/mips/kernel/signal.c
  • mips: fixed vr41xx serial
  • mips: fixed initialization error
  • mips: fixed undeclared giu_cascade
  • mips: fixed definition order of _sigchld

Yuval Turgeman:

  • searching for parameters in ‘make menuconfig’

Zinx Verituse:

  • input: Fix bad struct hidinput initialization in

Zou Nanhai:

  • [IA64] discontig.c: remove max_gap and related call to

Zwane Mwaikambo:

  • Close race with preempt and modular pm_idle callbacks

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