Linux 2.0.37pre5 released

Alan Cox writes:

Ok this is 2.0.37pre5. It fixes the obvious glaring bugs that pre4 found.
What I do still have is a big pile of often muddled updates because I've
got several versions from people sometimes of indeterminable age that
piled up while 2.2 got a bit hectic.

Im missing some updates (pptp for one). Can people whose stuff isnt there
please send new diffs _versus 2.0.37pre5_.


2.0.37pre5 includes the following changes over 2.0.37pre4

o       Configuration tool fixes        (me)
o       MegaRAID update                 (AMI)
o       ioctl thread fix                (me)
o       RCPCI update                    (Red Creek)
o       IDE OOps fix                    (from 2.2)
o       Symbios 53c416 driver           (Lieven Willems)
o       PARIDE enhancements             (Grant)
o       SMART2 update                   (Compaq)
o       Cyclades PCI update             (Cyclades)
o       ISO 8859-15                     (From 2.2)
o       DAC960 update                   (Leonard Zubkoff)

2.0.37pre4 includes the following changes over 2.0.37pre3

o       IDE updates                     (Andrew Balsa, Andre Hedrick and co)
        | This should now get big disks the right size for one
        | Also blacklists apparent problem WDC drives
        | Test heavily
o       Compaq SmartRAID support        (Compaq)
o       DC390 updated                   (Kurt Garloff)
o       TIOCSBRK                        (Uwe Bonnes)
o       EPIC update                     (Don Becker)
o       Build with PROCFS=n             (Hans-Joachim Baader)
o       ISOfs handle more icky cds      (Ulrik Dickow)
o       AIC7xxx update                  (Doug Ledford)
o       PARIDE update                   (grant)
o       Config for memory cleaned       (me, Riley, others)

2.0.37pre3 includes the following changes over 2.0.37pre2

o       Nasty cache bug fixed           (Mikael Pettersson)
        | Quake should work again now.
o       NCR53c8xx update                (Gerard Roudier)
o       AIC7xxx update                  (Doug Ledford)
o       Initio driver update            (Bas)
o       Dumb sound bug cured            (Oleg Drokin)
o       Lance multidetect fix           (Orc)
o       Miscellaneous cleanup/small fixes 
                                        (Hans-Joachim Baader, Scott, Riley
                                         and others)

2.0.37pre2 includes the following changes over 2.0.37pre1

o       ACard SCSI driver               (ACard)
o       Initio SCSI update              (Initio)
o       Tulip driver update             (Don Becker)
o       Add new SMC card to PCI         (Andrew Pam)
o       DVD may have >800Mb files       (Ulrich Habel)
o       Readv/writev mand lock fix      (Jamie Lokier)
o       Support for 2Gig/3Gig machines  (Ingo/Leonard)
        | Im not sure quite if Ingo's patch is based on Leonards or whatever
        | Also if you use 2Gig or 3Gig you are shrinking the per process
        | address space. So dont do it casually.
o       Fix protocol bug in IGMP2 code  (Julian Highfield)
o       Floppy driver update            (Alain Knaff)

2.0.37pre1 includes the following changes over 2.0.36

o       Serial supports a couple of PCI cards (Henning Schmiedehausen) 
o       Tekram (DC390T) update          (Kurt Garloff)
o       DAC960 beta driver              (Leonard Zubkoff)
o       Slow A20 gate fix               (Leonard Zubkoff)
o       Keyboard race fix
o       3c59x updated                   (Don Becker)
o       DEPCA updated                   (Don Becker)
o       EEPro100 updated                (Don Becker)
o       RTL8139 updated                 (Don Becker)
o       Initio 91XX driver              (Initio, arranged by SuSE)
o       AIC7xxx update                  (Doug Ledford)
o       ICMP include symbol fix
o       Bridge port change fix          (Vova Oksman)
o       PPTP masquerading