Linux 2.0.37pre9 released

Alan Cox writes:

Unless anyone screams too loudly this will become 2.0.37. It should now pass
the JDK multicast tests and generally behave. There are still a couple of
long standing TCP fringe cases I have patches for that are not in 2.0.37.
That is intentional, I'm holding a few patches back for 2.0.38 so that they
can get a long run in when testing.

You need binutils 2.8 or 2.9 to build this kernel tree. 2.7 is not good


Linux 2.0.37pre9

o   Appletalk probe bug                     (Jens-Uwe Mager)
o   Further multicast fixes                 (me)
    | We should now pass the JDK mcast tests
o   Export fddi symbols                     (Christoph Goos)
o   Autoset ARCH, Makefile fix              (Paul Slootman)
o   PCI handling fix                        (Thomas Bogendoerfer)
o   PCI2000, PCI2200, PSI240 drivers        (Perceptive Solutions)
o   Our netrom code crashed BPQ             (Tomi Manninen)
    | BPQ doesn't appear to have been fixed in most
    | places. If you run BPQ, you should worry about this 8)
o   Updated DAC960 driver                   (Leonard Zubkoff)
o   Updated Adaptec 29xx driver             (Doug Ledford)
o   Assorted minor tweaks/cleanups          (various)

Linux 2.0.37pre8

o   Fixed a small multicast problem         (me)
o   PIII disable serial ID                  (me, from Phil Karns code)

Linux 2.0.37pre7

o   Fix the floppy driver works for alternate blocks
    of 20 odd days on the Alpha bug         (Paul Slootman)
o   Accept IEE802.3 arps on ethernet        (Volker Dormeyer)
o   Autofs overflow fix                     (H Peter Anvin)
    | backported to 2.0.x
o   Off by one error in block driver        (Rune M. Brinckmeyer)
o   Bridge should be silent if disabled     (Tomasz Motylewski)
o   Another bad ne2k clone added            (Jari Malinen)
o   Wavelan updated                         (Jean Tourrilhes)
o   InitIO updates                          (Bas)
o   InitIO A100 support                     (Initio/Bas)
o   Added Tripace TC-2550 driver            (Tripace)
    (anyone with a card care to port it to 2.2)

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