Linux 2.2.0ac1 released

From: [email protected] (Alan Cox)


This is primarily for people who want the large file array
support. Most of the other stuff I intend to submit on to Linus for

If you have a problem in 2.2.0ac1 verify you can duplicate it
with 2.2.0 before posting general bug reports if possible, also
make sure its obvious a bug report is about -ac1 to avoid any

Definitely let me know if you have any ac1 specific


Differences between 2.2.0 and 2.2.0ac1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the ESS compile problem
  • Changed the OPL3-SA contact as requested by Hannu
  • Small number of time wrap fixes
  • Xconfig/atyfb config fix
  • AFFS apparently didnt get the flag fixes when the other drivers
  • /proc/mem locking

Additional Features

  • Support for very large numbers of file handles per process
    (> 1024)
  • Better bw-qcam driver
  • NFS client understands pipes on file systems mounted via
  • Symbol name matching between versioned/unversioned modules

Additional Drivers

  • Qlogic Fibrechannel
  • Symbios 53c416


  • ADFS updated
  • Lots of ARM merges
  • Ted’s fsync change to ext2