Linux 2.2.15pre3 released

Some driver updates, further bug fixing. I plan to do just bug
fixing from now on, or very small driver changes. The other driver
stuff will get held over (eg parallel port CPIA camera driver).
Give this a good hard beating the focus is entirely on bug zapping
for a 2.2.15.


Fix Sangoma stuff if compiled into
(Mario Lorenz)
Fix smbfs for sparc64 (Dave Miller)
Specialix Rio drivers (Specialix, Rogier Wolff)
Elf extra sanity checks from code
(Solar Designer)
Megaraid update to 1.07 (Dell/AMI)
Fix hang on boot with I2O configured
Fix small bug in the socket filter
QNX file system updates (Anders Larsen)
Intel 82559ER support in eepro100
Workaround for 16C750 emulation
Show “preN” in make menuconfig (Alan Ford)
Adaptec 29xx driver updates (Doug Ledford)
Handle cross CPU TSC differences (Ingo Molnar)
Update IRDA to match the 2.3.x
(Dag Brattli)


Fix RTC build problem with
(Michal Jaegermann)
Quieten NFS debugging messages (me)
Fix bug in connect/listen handling in
(Dave Miller)
Fix missing $(CC) cases (Pascal DuPuis)
Fix SMP tcp hang (Andrea Arcangeli)
Hopefully fixed PLIP (me)
Fix sigtimedwait bug (Christophe Blaess)
Updated epic100 driver (Donald Becker)
  • If it works cool, if not we back it off
Sparc updates (Dave Miller)
  • Fixes bugs with >258Mb on sun4d/sun4m
  • si_addr is set in siginfo
  • Fix signal type for FP/div events
  • DP division FPU emulation fixes
  • Fix sparc64 parport locking keyboard
  • ESP can be built as a module
Network fix kit (Dave Miller and co)
  • Nagle improvements, TCP_CORK/FIN fix
  • /proc/net/tcp reports type 4 for timer
  • Fix TIME_WAIT logic
  • Clean up timer performance
  • Handle shutdown() in CLOSE_WAIT right
  • Report state change on tcp_fin after setting
  • new state
  • Shutdown on close in write_err case (Paul Russell)


Handle crossing X25 restart
(Guntram Blohm)
Large direct block I/O with small
readahead could fail
(Mikulas Patocka)
Remove duplicate asm op (Chris Noe)
IUCV Update for S/390 (Martin Schwidefsky)
Fixes to allow Linux/390 to run on
(Martin Schwidefsky)
Some PPC configs didnt compile (W Lewis)
Maybe fix TCP delack hang (Andrea Arcangeli)
Missing task state change (Natapov Gleb)
Fix 82596 false probes (Richard Hirst)
Fix typo in ixj driver (Tim Waugh)
Add AOpen PD-2 DVD to ghost list (Rogier Wolff)
Masquerading site has moved (Hugh Redelmeier)
Fix FAT bug (Pavel Pisa)
Small NFS fixes (HJ Lu)
Update ES1370 to handle rev7
(Tom Sailer)
Use amateur radio drivers on
(Tom Sailer)
SCSI generic documentation
(Douglas Gilbert)
Fix clearing of NT in head.S (Willy Tareau)
Add winchip2 MTRR support (Bart Hartgers)
CREDITS entry for Victor ‘RTLinux’
(Victor Yodaiken)
Zoltan Boszormenyi has changed
(Zoltan Boszormenyi)
eepro100 updates (Savochkin Andrey Vladimirovich)
Update Davicom driver (Davicom)