Linux 2.6.39 -rc7

“So things have been pretty quiet, and unless something major
comes up I believe that this will be the last -rc.

There’s only about a hundred commits here, and the bulk of the
diffs are to fs/hpfs which has been marked as BROKEN since early in
the merge window because of the final BKL removal. So it is a
regression fix. That said, I admittedly considered just leaving
hpfs broken for the 39 release and doing this fix series in the
next merge window.

Whatever. Might as well take it now, since it has no impact
outside of hpfs, and certainly thus couldn’t make things

Outside of the hpfs patches, there really isn’t all that much
interesting going on. Some hw breakpoint ptrace races, some cifs
updates, and then just random small fixes, mostly to drivers.
Nothing noticeable really stands out, it really has been pretty

But please do test, just to make sure that 39-final is good.