Linux 3.12 rc5

Things seem to be calming down nicely, and rc5 is smaller than previous rc's.

In fact, the most excitement we had this week wasn't even a kernel
bug, it was a compiler bug wrt "asm goto" that was found because of
code that is pending to be merged in 3.13. But the (happily fairly
straightforward) workaround for the bug was merged early, because we
_do_ use asm goto, and it's unclear whether our existing use might
already trigger the bug, just not enough to be as obviously

Aside from that, most of the changes here are the usual architecture
fixes (tile, arm, x86, s390) and drivers (gpu, hid, sound, i2c,
watchdog). With btrfs and the perf tool updates rounding out the rest.
And the usual random noise.

Go forth and test,