Linux 3.12 rc7

The KS week is over, and thus the seventh - and likely the last - rc
for 3.12 is out, and I'm back on the normal Sunday schedule.

The slowdown in -rc sizes sadly reversed itself here, mostly due to
the networking updates that hadn't come in for rc5-rc6. You can see
that in the diffstat, with more than 50% being networking (both driver
and core) patches. The rest is generally other drivers (gpu, media,
scsi, thermal, HID) and some smaller arch updates (s390, parisc, x86).

Nothing looks particularly shocking, though, so we're still on track
for 3.12. Which does mean, that with me having more travel coming up,
the 3.13 merge window will likely end up being a bit messed up.

I can usually schedule around these kinds of things, but with two
different trips and just a week in between, I have the choice of
either just delaying 3.12 for no good reason, or just saying "ok,
we'll just keep the merge window open a bit longer because I won't be
able to be as responsive as I should be".
But who knows. If something particularly worrisome comes up during the
upcoming week, I might just say "Ok, we'll do an rc8 instead". So I'm
keeping my options open.