Linux 3.14-rc1 is out

Hey, it was a normal two-week merge window, and it's closed now. As
far as I'm aware, I've pulled everything asked from me (with one
exception, see later) and applied all patches I was meant to apply. If
you feel I overlooked your work, it might be due to an email being
caught as spam (it happened several times lately, but I think I caught
them all) or just plain incompetence on my part (that happens too).

I realize that as a number, 3.14 looks familiar to people, and I had
naming requests related to that. But that's simply not how the
nonsense kernel names work. You can console yourself with the fact
that the name doesn't actually show up anywhere, and nobody really
cares. So any pi-related name you make up will be *quite* as relevant
as the one in the main Makefile, so don't get depressed.

Besides, any self-respecting geek will know pi to twenty decimal
places from their dorky youth, so 3.14 isn't really *that* close, is

Anyway, the one missing pull request is the rename2 system call that I
felt I needed to look at myself, and was also hoping for more
commentary on (I'm looking at you, Al). So I didn't feel I had the
mental throughput to look at it during the merge window, and will take
a more leisurely look the upcoming week. I *might* still pull it
before -rc2, but quite frankly it's more likely to be left pending for

Other than that? The stuff that actually got merged? It was a pretty
normal merge window, nothing stands out. The statistics are the normal
two-thirds drivers, with the rest being a mix of architecture updates
(ARM dominates, but there's powerpc, x86, mips. s390, and even ia64
shows up with stale xen code removal too) and misc. Where misc is core
kernel, mm, networking, tooling etc etc.

I'm attaching my merge-log, since (as usual) the actual merge window
shortlog is much too long to bother with for general consumption. And
again, note that my merge-log is about who was the submaintainer that
sent me the pull request, not about who necessarily wrote the code.
You need to go to the full git logs to see that level of detail.