Linux 3.15 rc2

"And on the seventh day the rc release rose again, in accordance with
the Scriptures laid down at the kernel summit of the year 2004"

It's been a week, so here's another rc. And while -rc1 was one of the
biggest rc's in memory, rc2 looks fairly normal. We had a few niggling
issues fixed, but it really wasn't anything horribly worse than usual.
It might be a *bit* bigger than most -rc2's, but let's wait to see
after rc3 whether things are actually busier than usual. Quite often
rc2 is calmer than rc3, with it taking a week for some issues to show

As to what happened during last week: the *bulk* of the rc2 patch is
actually the removal of the rtl8187se staging driver, since there's a
proper non-staging one. That's literally just over half of the actual
patch. But even if you ignore just that bulk removal, other driver
changes account for about two thirds of the rest (gpu, networking,
fbdev file renames, ipmi, infiniband, pincontrol... you name it). The
drm stuff is probably most noticeable.

Outside of drivers, we've got the usual arch updates (mostly x86 and
s390, some parisc) and some Documentation updates. Various networking
fixes and filesystem updates (cifs, sysfs, xfs). And some tooling

Please test,