Linux 3.16 rc6

Week by week, we're getting to what is supposed to be the last rc's,
but quite frankly, things aren't calming down the way they are
supposed to.

That was already true for rc5 - it was bigger than rc4. That didn't
worry me all that much, because rc4 was really pretty small. But now
rc6 is out, and it's bigger than rc5 was, and it's not even all
trivial stuff.

That's not how this is all supposed to work.

Anyway, rc6 still isn't all *that* big, so I'm not exactly worried,
but I am getting to the point where I'm going to start calling people
names and shouting at you if you send me stuff that isn't appropriate
for the late rc releases. Which is not to say that people did: while
rc6 is bigger than I wished for, I don't think there's too much
obviously frivolous in there. But I'll be keepign an eye out, and I'll
be starting to get grumpy (or grumpiER) if I notice that peopel aren't
being serious about trying to calm things down.

Regardless, rc6 itself ends up having changes pretty much all over:
drivers (much of it networking, but there's gpu, there's infiniband,
you name it), filesystems (late nfs fixes, xfs, fuse, gfs2, btrfs),
core networking code, etc etc. The shortlog is appended for those
interested in (an overview of) the details.

So go get the latest rc and kick the tires, to see that nothing has
fallen through the cracks, ok?