Linux 3.17 rc1

I’m going to be on a plane much of tomorrow, and am not really
supportive of last-minute pull requests during the merge window
anyway, so I’m closing the merge window one day early, and 3.17-rc1 is
out there now. Well, it’s been out for a while now, but the network
was bad enough where I’m traveling that I couldn’t get this
*announcement* out.

Anyway, this merge window was slightly smaller than the last few ones,
probably due to summer slowdowns in the northern hemisphere. Which is
not to say that it was *small* – the last few releases have been
larger than usual, this one is just fairly average. It’s certainly big
enough that I can’t post the shortlog, so as usual this just appends
the “mergelog” where the people credited are the people I pulled from,
not necessarily the people who wrote the code.

Changes all over the place, but no huge new architectures or
filesystems. About three quarters of the changes are drivers, and of
the rest, roughly half is architecture updates, with the rest being
misc core changes (networking, filesystems etc)

The upcoming week is the kernel summit, so I’m guessing rc2 will be
fairly small, but we’ll see how that goes.