Linux 3.17 rc2

So I deviated from my normal Sunday schedule partly because there
wasn't much there (I blame the KS and LinuxCon), but partly due to
sentimental reasons: Aug 25 is the anniversary of the original Linux
announcement ("Hello everybody out there using minix"), so it's just a
good day for release announcements.

Anyway, for being an rc2 it's pretty small, and I can always hope that
things stay that way. It's about 60% drivers (drm, networking, hid,
sound, PCI), with 15% filesystem updates (cifs, isofs, nfs), 10%
architectures (mips, arm, some minor x86 stuff) and the rest is "misc"
(kernel, networking, documentation).

All over the place, in other words, and nothing in particular stands out.

Please do give it a good testing,